‘Plants, Beds and Borders’ with Katie Rushworth

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This afternoon I received an advance copy of the book I shot with Katie Rushworth and Tara O’Sullivan last summer. Really pleased!

Plants, Beds and Borders with Katie Rushworth

Plants, Beds and Borders with Katie Rushworth

Leporello book

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Leprello book

Leprello book

Finally finished another concertina or leporello book just before Christmas. An interesting experiment for me, trying to illustrate the Wordsworth poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ with a mix of old and new technology.

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Just finished making my first hand-bound ‘leporello’ book, with words by Alys Fowler. For a collaborative project currently entitled ‘Wildlings’, which will include work from various folk, including paintings by Lynn Keddie. I’ll post updates as the project develops.

From the Oxford English Dictionary, “Wilding or Wildling..a plant sown by natural agency”.

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Pleased to recieve a copy of the International Garden Photographer of the Year Book this week, with one of my images, the ‘Urban Forest’ in London.


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